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Dating back to the beginning of 1996, Alu Roller Shutter Company (ARSCO) worked under the name, Centre for Alu Rolling shutter. It was individual institution under the branch of Hamid Trading Est, which was owned by Dr.Hamid Almtabqati, well known doctor & owner of Jeddah National Hospital Groups.

The centers activity was limited in its debut on import & sales of accessories of roller shutters. The centre was authorized agent of French company SOMFY, renowned for manufacturing electric motors in the whole Kingdom. Also the centre was the exclusive distributor in the whole Middle East for the for GRADHERMETIC factory, a Spanish factory specializing in roller shutter segment.

The institution proved itself year by year by being successful in the market share. A paradigm shift in the institution, where manufacturing activity was added to the current activities of trade, import and sale sectors. The shift made a remarkable success for the whole institution.

The centre manufactured Aluminum Roller Shutter & doors & windows keeping in mind the buildings or villas which were constructed in the early days, not suitable for such Accessories. The centre also contributed in raising awareness of the installation of roller shutters in all buildings for safety and security reasons. The follow up engineering offices were setup near construction site for proper planning of the roller shutter from the outset.

The centre also engages in manufacture of all services available in the local market as well as import which earned us the trust of many institutions of construction & engineering, consultancy offices, which were operating in the domestic market as well as the neighboring Gulf States.

The early 2006 provided Khalid Al Fuhaid the opportunity to utilize his more than 12 years of experience in the field of aluminum and offered Dr.Hamid to take over his company with all branches, buildings, projects and the complete working staff and form one Joint stock company with limited liability. This was the birth of our company ARSCO (Aluminum Roller Shutter Co.)This was a giant step but Eng Khalid focused on the principals of Society and proficiency in accordance with the Hadith Sharief.

Mr. Khalid after taking over worked very hard for the development of the company and opened branches in Jeddah to serve the requirement of different companies. He also worked on the sales of Aluminum & Accessories and in July 2006 opened a branch in the industrial area to meet the requirement of companies and factories operating in that area.

Also the Jeddah branch provided courses to various small workshops on the latest technology of using, cutting and installing the Aluminum Shutter's & Doors and windows. The courses helped many workshops around, in understanding the specific technical standard in installing & selecting the electric motors in accordance with the specifications and other technical standard.

The branch added new Italian companies like CROCI & SIMBAC who are worldwide famous for manufacturing accessories. Another Italian company by name RINO specializing in electric motors was also added to the previous agencies. This increased the standard of ARSCO and helped Eng.Khalid in setting new goals. After a period of time Eng.Khalid took a qualitative step and opened its first branch in Riyadh, in one of the major industrial Street of Riyadh, Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Street. After the opening, the branch received a tremendous start in the market from the first day of opening. And the efforts of serving with high standard and high quality under the same banner is going on.

We have also entered into the eastern region of the kingdom and opened a branch in Dammam.